Top Luxury Travel Destinations Recommended By Experts For Your 2024 Visit

  • There are numerous luxury travel choices available, but only a few are recommended by travel experts.
  • Julia Carter and Jan Luescher, experts in the field, have revealed their top six travel destinations for 2024.
  • They propose staying at a safari lodge in South Africa or embarking on a cruise to Norway.

For indulgent travel, the options are endless – which can make it overwhelming. With the rise of scenic train rides, “air cruises,” and traditional cruises, there are numerous unique choices to consider.

We spoke with travel experts Julia Carter and Jan Luescher, who revealed their top six luxury travel destinations for 2024.

Carter established Craft Travel, a travel company specializing in “luxury adventures worldwide,” as stated on its website. Meanwhile, Luescher serves as the chief executive officer of A Small World, a social network focused on luxury travel.

Consider experiencing a wellness safari lodge in South Africa

South Africa has become a popular destination because of the recent increase in private safari lodges, as stated by Carter.

Carter suggests staying at Kateka Lodge, a wellness safari resort located in Kruger National Park that officially opened its doors in September 2023. The lodge provides guests with access to spa treatments, yoga sessions, and a refreshing plunge pool. The starting rate for a one-person overnight stay begins at 28,800 South African Rand, which is approximately equivalent to $1,511 based on the lodge’s website.

Tswalu’s Loapi Tented Camp is a fantastic choice, according to Carter. This luxurious safari camp provides activities such as horseback riding and bird watching, as well as a high-end restaurant overseen by Michelin-starred chef Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen. The starting rate for an overnight stay is 46,700 South African Rand, equivalent to approximately $2,451 per person, as indicated on the website.

If you’re not a fan of nature, consider visiting Cape Town for its upscale hotels and vibrant culinary scene

If you prefer city life but still want to experience South Africa, Carter recommends a visit to Cape Town, the country’s capital. Cape Town is famous for its luxurious hotels and high-quality dining establishments.

She suggests staying at the Cape Grace, a luxurious hotel located next to the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. The hotel received acclaim for its “historic naval ambiance” and vibrant interior design in The Telegraph’s list of the top waterfront hotels in Cape Town in 2017.

When discussing food, Carter suggests trying out the upscale restaurant chain La Colombe and FYN, which is renowned for its fusion of Asian and French cuisine. Both establishments were recognized in the 2023 edition of the World’s Best 100 Restaurants.

Experience a personalized tour of the stunning landscapes in Argentina

Carter mentioned that Argentina is definitely one of the top luxury travel destinations for 2024 because of its exceptional 5-star lodging options and enticing outdoor activities.

She suggests staying at Awasi Iguazu, which consists of 14 individual villas nestled within the Atlantic Rainforest. Each villa features its own private terrace, a small swimming pool, and the option to have a personal guide for excursions to the nearby Iguazu Falls, the largest segmented waterfall in the world.

“The astonishing series of waterfalls is truly a sight to behold, consisting of 275 cascades spanning a three-mile-wide canyon and encompassed by a thriving subtropical rainforest teeming with over 2,000 species of vascular plants, colorful bird species including parrots and toucans, and animals such as tapirs and howler monkeys.” Carter Said.

The starting price for a villa at Awasi Iguazu is $2,300 per night, and guests are required to stay for a minimum of three nights, as stated on the resort’s website.

French Polynesia provides a less crowded option compared to Hawaii

Luescher mentioned that French Polynesia is a top luxury destination for 2024 because of being underappreciated and not overcrowded.

Luescher characterizes the area as an untouched alternative to Hawaii, with its stunning coastline and luxurious lodging options, composed of five archipelagos and 118 islands.

Luescher suggests opting for an overwater bungalow during your stay. While he did not mention a particular resort, there are numerous options on the island, such as the overwater villas at Le Bora Bora by Pearl Resorts and the Four Seasons, which provides both overwater and beachfront villas.

Luescher mentioned that Norwegian cruises are expected to be in high demand in 2024

Luescher suggested that individuals who enjoy cruising should think about planning their next trip to explore the beautiful country of Norway.

The Nordic nation is famous for its UNESCO-protected fjords, icy glaciers, and stunning woodlands — all of which can be admired from the convenience of a luxurious ship.

In recent years, Norway has emerged as a sought-after cruise destination, with several itineraries exclusively focused on the country. British cruise company P&O, as well as luxury operators Cunard and Silversea, are all offering voyages to Norway in 2024.

Madagascar is yet another hidden gem for observing wildlife

Luesche mentioned that Madagascar is an excellent destination for observing wildlife, offering a lesser-known option compared to Costa Rica.

“Actually, this place is rich in unique animal species that are not found anywhere else on the planet, such as various types of lemurs, chameleons, Tenrecs, fossas, and large chameleons.” Luescher mentioned.

“For lodging, there are plenty of extremely luxurious lodges and hotels available.” Luescher added.


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